Remember me - Cookie policy


If you tick the "Remember me" box, you are agreeing to RISAS placing a cookie on your computer. A cookie is a text file which your browser saves to your local machine which can not be accessed by any other website. The cookie will only record your RISAS email address. No additional information will be stored within this cookie. To use this feature, cookies must be enabled in your browser.

The cookie will be stored on your computer after you tick the "Remember me" box and then successfully login to RISAS. Your email address will then be automatically completed for you the next time you need to log in. You will then only have to enter your memorable date and password each subsequent time you access RISAS.

If you wish to remove the cookie, simply un-tick the "Remember me" box. This will delete the cookie from your computer.

If you do not log in to RISAS within a 30 day period, the cookie will expire and you will need to re-activate the cookie again. This is in accordance with industry best practice.

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