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RISAS Overview
RISAS has been designed by the rail industry to ensure that duty holders and other major customers, such as ROSCOs, are able to rely upon common third party assessments by accredited Railway Industry Supplier Approval Bodies (RISABs). This was instituted following recommendations contained in the Cullen report, particularly Cullen 24. RISAS is consistent with international accreditation and conformance certification requirements, with additional features designed to assist the industry to:

• Enhance safety performance including product quality.
• Comply with legislation.
• Remove duplication and waste.
• Improve the supply chain’s performance.
• Improve the industry’s reputation.
• Reduce cost.
• Improve the effectiveness, efficiency and image of industry assurance arrangements.

RISABs assess the adequacy of key suppliers’ procedures, practices and competence to manage risks which arise from the specialist nature of railway industry applications.

A ‘duty holder’ may state in its Safety Management System (SMS) where it chooses to use RISAS (for example, where it is economically efficient, depending on its supply chain for particular goods and services). Once a RISAS approved Supplier is selected, a ‘duty holder’ or other customer will enter into a specific contract for a particular material or service (for example, a specific wheelset overhaul). It is expected that such a contract would include an appropriate monitoring regime, (for example, regular supply of data, contract review meetings and the right to call a joint investigation should a specific problem arise). It is intended that the assurance provided by RISAS, along with such a regime, should replace the need for a ‘duty holder’, or other customers, to conduct general audits of suppliers.

The aim of RISAS is to provide economies of scale to the railway industry by reducing duplication in the auditing and assessment of suppliers of critical goods and services for the overhaul of assets and components. It sets out to ensure that suppliers of critical products to the railway industry have the appropriate systems, processes, competence, resources, facilities and procedures.

The scope of the scheme, which is currently focussed on rolling stock systems, sub-systems and components, is defined in the RISAS product group and services groups list published on the RISAS website. RISAS product and services groups have initially been developed where it is believed that economic efficiencies will be delivered (for example, bogie, wheelset, brake equipment overhaul). The list of product and services groups is subject to on-going review by the RISAS User Group who make recommendations for change to the RISAS Board. Suppliers are invited to seek RISAS Approval for these product and services groups.

The main documentation which should be consulted on the operation of RISAS is available in the RISAS: Resources section below.

RISAS: Resources
The following documents have been developed for RISAS:
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For further details on RISAS please contact +44 (0) 203 142 5376 or risas.admin@rssb.co.uk
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